Saturday, June 3, 2023     Volume: 31, Issue: 46

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Do you think the Carrizo Plain should stay a national monument?

Absolutely. The Carrizo is one of the last undeveloped areas of the San Joaquin Valley, a protected habitat for endangered species, and a natural wonder for the public.
Yes, but I don't think it's as clear cut as some think. The Trump Administration should take a look at its status.
The feds should consider reducing the size of the monument.
No. The Carrizo should be privatized. Allow the market to tap into its natural resources.

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Life, death,and honey: Local wild bees are important to your food supply

I’ve stepped out of reality and into a full-body beekeeper’s outfit. It might as well be a spacesuit. Instead of holding a tiny American flag in the middle of space, I’m clutching a pole hooked around a tree branch suspended 4 feet above my head. Hovering on that branch? A massive swarm of boisterous, buzzing wild bees. A few feet away lies the husk of their old home, a hunk of tree that suddenly and inexplicably shattered to the ground. Over the past two days, everything has gone to hell for this colony, which encompas... [ Read Article ]